Fast Wreckers is now a well-known brand in Queensland wreckers industry. We simply buy old, damaged, scrap, unwanted used cars of different models. We send them to the wrecking process and extract as many parts as possible from them and provide them for sale in Australia and worldwide. Read more...

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Cash for cars - Brands

Fast Wreckers as a free unwanted car removal service is located in Brisbane and accepts all makes, models, types including manual, automatic, diesel or unleaded. We disregard age and condition of the cars as they will be disposed to bring money back to Australia. Thus, we purchase even vehicles which miss major parts including engine. Our vast network of old car dealers makes it possible for us to buy your used autos all around Australia. Let us buy your unwated car here in Queensland now!

Cash for used Benz

We buy Benz. Benz cars in any condition. Damaged Benz, broken Benz, old Benz, or even unwanted Benz.

Cash for used BMW

We buy BMW. BMW cars in any condition. Damaged BMW, broken BMW, old BMW, or even unwanted BMW.

Cash for used Citroen

We buy Citroen. Citroen cars in any condition. Damaged Citroen, broken Citroen, old Citroen, or even unwanted Citroen.

Cash for used Daihatsu

We buy Daihatsu. Daihatsu cars in any condition. Damaged Daihatsu, broken Daihatsu, old Daihatsu, or even unwanted Daihatsu.

Cash for used Ford

We buy Ford. Ford cars in any condition. Damaged Ford, broken Ford, old Ford, or even unwanted Ford.

Cash for used Hino

We buy Hino. Hino cars in any condition. Damaged Hino, broken Hino, old Hino, or even unwanted Hino.

Cash for used Holden

We buy Holden. Holden cars in any condition. Damaged Holden, broken Holden, old Holden, or even unwanted Holden.

Cash for used Honda

We buy Honda. Honda cars in any condition. Damaged Honda, broken Honda, old Honda, or even unwanted Honda.

Cash for used Hyundai

We buy Hyundai. Hyundai cars in any condition. Damaged Hyundai, broken Hyundai, old Hyundai, or even unwanted Hyundai.

Cash for used Isuzu

We buy Isuzu. Isuzu cars in any condition. Damaged Isuzu, broken Isuzu, old Isuzu, or even unwanted Isuzu.

Cash for used Jeep

We buy Jeep. Jeep cars in any condition. Damaged Jeep, broken Jeep, old Jeep, or even unwanted Jeep.

Cash for used Kia

We buy Kia. Kia cars in any condition. Damaged Kia, broken Kia, old Kia, or even unwanted Kia.

Cash for used Land-Rover

We buy Land-Rover. Land-Rover cars in any condition. Damaged Land-Rover, broken Land-Rover, old Land-Rover, or even unwanted Land-Rover.

Cash for used Mazda

We buy Mazda. Mazda cars in any condition. Damaged Mazda, broken Mazda, old Mazda, or even unwanted Mazda.

Cash for used Mitsubishi

We buy Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi cars in any condition. Damaged Mitsubishi, broken Mitsubishi, old Mitsubishi, or even unwanted Mitsubishi.

Cash for used Nissan

We buy Nissan. Nissan cars in any condition. Damaged Nissan, broken Nissan, old Nissan, or even unwanted Nissan.

Cash for used Proton

We buy Proton. Proton cars in any condition. Damaged Proton, broken Proton, old Proton, or even unwanted Proton.

Cash for used Renault

We buy Renault. Renault cars in any condition. Damaged Renault, broken Renault, old Renault, or even unwanted Renault.

Cash for used Subaru

We buy Subaru. Subaru cars in any condition. Damaged Subaru, broken Subaru, old Subaru, or even unwanted Subaru.

Cash for used Toyota

We buy Toyota . Toyota cars in any condition. Damaged Toyota , broken Toyota , old Toyota , or even unwanted Toyota .

Fast Wreckers is a customer-friendly sales team for unwanted or damaged vehicles. We also provide wrecking services. We have more than eight years of conversance with unwanted, damaged, old and scrap car dealership beside wrecking industry.
We are committed to provide win-win opportunity which assures high cash payments for our customers. We buy their unwanted vehicles, vans, 4X4 SUVs, trucks and remove them free of charge. Instead of pretending to buy an unwanted car with a price of a new car, we ensure that the highest amount of cash in AUD will be paid for your unwanted car at your door step.
We cover all suburbs of south east Queensland (QLD) comprising big cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Logan with the highest level of efficiency and support. We provide both cash and free car removals at your determined venue. We may even pay you up to thousands of dollars but as mentioned it should grant both sides the true opportunity.

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